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Queensland is Australia’s sunshine state with a vast and unique variety of property on offering. Our expert conveyancing lawyer franchisees are thoroughly trained to look after all types of property transactions from water front mansions with marina berths to regional farm land. We also provide property conveyancing Melbourne. Call us and book appointment.

Our Conveyancing Brisbane Queensland team aim to make the conveyancing process stress free and enjoyable for you. They are conveyancing lawyer experts who are passionate about enhancing your conveyancing experience by providing exceptional customer service.

Jim’s Conveyancing Brisbane franchisees are all lawyers and go through the most stringent assessment process and are highly trained before becoming a Jim’s Brisbane Conveyancing franchise owner. Unlike any other law firm, our franchisees have a team of property and legal experts who are able to support our clients to ensure the best possible outcome in every situation. Expect an expert when you call us or complete an online form.

Conveyancing Brisbane

Property Conveyancing Brisbane-Solicitors & Services Brisbane Queensland

The legal side of any project is incredibly complicated and susceptible to error if performed without the very best professional guidance.

It’s disheartening for everything else about a project – whether it be a transfer of title, leasing or the sale of a property – to fall through when the legal stage is not well provisioned. It’s truly falling at the final hurdle.

You can’t afford to let this happen to you and your project which is why when it comes to conveyancing Brisbane residents need to trust in the best providers out there. This means trusting in Jim’s Conveyancing Brisbane.

Unbeatable Conveyancing Experience in Brisbane

Jim’s Brisbane Conveyancing was established in 1982 and in the decades since its reputation has grown remarkably: there are now more than 4,000 franchises across the world and this figure grows by around 200 each year. This rapid growth is testament to the quality of our offering and the trust that our clients have in us to deliver the best time and again.

In these years we have cultivated the best network of legal professionals available and continue to push boundaries in terms of professionalism and service. Whether you’re looking for the best conveyancing solicitors, Brisbane has to offer or unbeatable conveyancing services Brisbane Queensland residents use every day, we have you covered.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee-Property Conveyancing Brisbane

One of the reasons that we have grown so successfully is the emphasis that we place upon satisfaction throughout our network. We don’t just want to do the bare minimum; we want to excel in every possible way and amaze our customers.

This is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to our clients and we follow through: we have a wide range of positive customer reviews from around the world which demonstrate we don’t take this commitment lightly. You can learn more about the conveyancing Brisbane residents have received from us, for example, and a host of other services and locations.

A Viable Alternative to Expensive Conveyancing Firms in Brisbane

We don’t want you to break the bank when it comes to conveyancing in Brisbane. You need these services in highly complex times so you shouldn’t have to worry about the expense and complexity that comes with our services.

That’s why we focus on satisfaction and appropriate pricing. You’ll find that the quotes we offer are absolutely reasonable and some of the best available. In fact, you can tell us more about your project and request a quote on our website at your convenience. We’re also available by other contact methods too!

Professional and Mobile Conveyancing Franchisees in Brisbane

To make your life as easy as possible our franchisees come to you. This means that one day they might deliver property conveyancing Brisbane businesses require and the next take care of conveyancing QLD residents ask for. This is a big benefit to our service and we think it demonstrates our commitment to you, our client.

Jim’s Property Conveyancing services the whole of Australia. Whether you’re in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne, there’s a Jim’s Conveyancer near you.


Other conveyancing lawyers will assist you to complete paperwork and attend settlement but we go well beyond that. The process of buying or selling can be incredibly stressful if you don’t have the right team behind you. Our franchisees are typically available after hours and even on weekends to assist you through the process. This means you can reach us in Brisbane when you actually need us!

If you are buying property in Brisbane Queensland Jim’s Conveyancing offers a pre-purchase contract review. This is a 30 minute telephone conference where we take you through the contract page by page. We identify any issues in the contract and provide you with the necessary tools to be able to negotiate your offer better with the real estate agent. Our pre-purchase contract review is about making you feel comfortable with your legal rights and obligations prior to signing the contract of sale. If you want to know What does a conveyancer do? You must need to read this blog post

To help protect you further we also recommend title insurance. Title Insurance protects you from Unknown Risks in Brisbane. For example those risks which have been disclosed to you by the Seller in the contract or that have come to your attention by a building inspector are not covered by Title Insurance. Those risks, which are Unknown Risks and have not been bought to your attention would be covered by Title Insurance in Brisbane.


We offer all types of conveyancing services in Brisbane including:

  • Residential
  • Farming Development
  • Purchasing Land Or Units Off-The-Plan
  • Wills
  • Leases
  • Mortgage Guarantor Advice
  • Commercial
  • Subdivision Lodgments And Property
  • Pre-Purchase Contract Advice
  • Mortgages
  • Business Sales And Purchases


Queensland is a beautiful and diverse state with many thriving regional centres. Jim’s Conveyancing offers services in Ipswich, Bundaberg, Gympie, Gladstone, Rockhampton, Mackay, Surfers Paradise, Townsville and Cairns as well as all other regional towns in Queensland.

We have expertise in Conveyancing Brisbane & Conveyancer Brisbane and metropolitan areas such as the Conveyancing Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast as well as property law expertise in small regional and coastal towns.


Jim’s Conveyancing Queensland will guide you through your transaction every step of the way. There is a general misconception that conveyancing in Queensland is a simple administrative process. This is far from accurate. It is critical to have a professional who is available and experienced to handle your conveyancing needs. So much can and does go wrong and we offer you the best legal support and solutions!

Interstate or overseas buyers and sellers are often very confused with the Brisbane Conveyancing process. Unlike other states in Australia, the real estate agent prepares the contract of sale in Queensland. It is important to get your Queensland conveyancing lawyer involved early to ensure your rights and needs are protected especially where you require special conditions to be inserted into the contract.

Queensland contracts do not contain as much disclosure compared with contracts from other states. The onus is on the buyer to do their due diligence, usually by way of searches through their conveyancing lawyer. It is important to know exactly what searches to undertake.

Property Conveyancing Brisbane Can Trust

There is little point in providing a service unless you are absolutely committed to achieving the goals of the customers that turn to you for assistance. The stark reality, however, in major cities where a lot of property changes hands every year, there are always new start-ups who believe that they can capitalise on the demand for conveyancing in the Brisbane market, regardless of whether they have the know-how or expertise.

Fortunately, here at Jim’s Conveyancing, we understand that your current endeavour to either buy or sell property is something that will change your life forever and as such we leave nothing to chance. Our mobile franchisees all come with the kind of expertise and experience that any buyer or vendor would hope to find. We are passionate about customer service and in this respect, we are committed to being completely open and honest in all parts of our business dealings.

Our franchisees are all esteemed professionals in the industry and are either licensed conveyancers or registered lawyers. Rest assured that we have done considerable research into each of the specialists that you will find trading under our banner and this guarantees that you will be able to access a truly exceptional conveyancer at incredible prices. Conveyancing in QLD has never been so affordable.

We’re the Property Conveyancing Experts in Brisbane, Queensland

Finding a property that speaks to your heart as well as your budget is one thing, but finding one that meets the stringent checks carried out by the franchisees here at Jim’s Conveyancing is quite something else. Those that are wondering whether they need a property conveyancing expert in Brisbane are encouraged to follow their gut and get a free quote from our team.

This crucial step could spare you from a lot of expense in the future that is not apparent to you know, but, with the assistance of a professional conveyancer, you will know exactly where you stand before you sign that contract. The purchase of property is something that simply must be rigorously investigated before an agreement is made.

It may seem like something that would never happen, but conveyancing in Queensland often reveals that the assumed seller does not actually own the property that is for sale or has the right to do so. There may also be mortgages against the property, which must be removed from the title before the sale takes place. Furthermore, clients often confess that they never considered the possibility of utility companies having the right to use the property as and when required.

At Jim’s Conveyancing, our conveyancing services give Brisbane buyers the peace of mind that comes from knowing the property they plan to buy was built in the right location and that there are no encroachment issues to do with neighbouring properties.

Free Property Conveyancing in Brisbane Quotes

There simply are too many things that could become an issue in the future to leave to chance, which is why we always recommend that anyone in the process of acquiring land or property make contact and learn just how affordable bulletproofing their investment through our professional advice and expertise is.

The best property conveyancing in Queensland is carried out by franchisees of Jim’s Conveyancing and we are here to deliver an affordable alternative that will stand you in good stead for many years to come. Call today and get a free quote.

For example, if you are buying a house on land we strongly recommend that you undertake a council building record search. This search provides information about any permits and certificate of final inspections that have issued for the property. Illegal building works are very common and home buyers could be forced to pull down or rectify illegal structures and become legally liable for any injuries caused to visitors or tradespeople who suffered injury as a result of the illegal building.

Many interstate buyers think its common practice to pay a 10% deposit. During our pre-purchase contract review, we explain to our clients that there is no minimum requirement for a deposit in Queensland. It is not uncommon to see a $1,000 – $5,000 deposit on a $500,000 property. Your deposit money is your risk money. If for some reason you fail to settle the transaction the seller can keep your deposit and sue you for damages. So when negotiating the deposit payment with the real estate agent we always recommend to keep it as low as possible but still attractive enough to the seller.

In Queensland, we are fortunate to have a 5 working day cooling off period, except in a number of circumstances including when you buy at auction date. Calculating this 5 day cooling off period and working out your rights to exit a contract, including under finance and building inspection clauses can be difficult. Many buyers believe they can exit under a finance or inspection clause to find out when it’s too late that the clause in the contract is biased towards the vendor and restricts them. It is critical to receive the right advice in this.

Queensland’s Office Of State Revenue offers a number of concessions on stamp duty. We have experts in this area including all related party transactions, SMSFs, companies and trusts, family members, gifting property and asset protection transfers. These are extremely specialised transactions and the right advice could save you thousands now or in the future. Please mention you wish to speak to a related party expert when you call us or complete an online form.

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