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With Jim’s Conveyancing all work is carried out with the highest degree of expertise and professionalism by our licensed conveyancers and lawyers.

We’re dedicated to property law services and our local Sydney conveyancing team will make sure you are well informed throughout the whole conveyancing process.

With our Jim’s name and stringent systems you can be sure you are receiving the best service from our conveyancers at every step of the way. We also provide property conveyancing in Queensland.

If you’re in need of property conveyancing services in Sydney, call us on 131 546.

Our Sydney conveyancing team operates within Sydney and metropolitan areas. We also have property law experts in small regional areas and coastal towns. Our services are provided throughout Sydney & New South Wales.

When ready our lawyers and licensed conveyancers will ensure you are given the best advice whether you are in Lavender Bay, Kirribilli, Casuarina, Millers Point, Balmain East, Birchgrove, Bondi, Woolloomooloo or anywhere in NSW for that matter.

Sydney is the largest city in Australia, and this fact is reflected in the large volume of commercial and residential transactions that are carried out there each year.

Houses are bought and sold; titles are transferred, leases and signed and businesses switch hands. All of this activity is backed by a large volume of complex legal work that has to be carried out by a licensed and professional conveyancer.

With the right conveyancer, Sydney residents and business owners can rest assured that their project is going to be handled effectively and no potentially problematic legal issues will arise in the future which could spell economic and personal ruin.

This is no small task. It’s worth getting advice from the best property conveyancers in Sydney, who can conclude your transaction with confidence. In short, you want to work with Jim’s Property Conveyancing.

Whichever important legal process you want to conduct, it’s most probably going to involve a lot of stress. These are landmark events in a person’s life, so it’s important that they are executed effectively and immaculately by a professional who has the appropriate level of experience.

We believe that these services shouldn’t add more stress to this situation, and certainly shouldn’t break the bank at a time when most people are going to want to maximise profits or investments.

You’ll find that our services come at a reasonable cost without sacrificing at all on the quality of the work that is conducted. We pride ourselves on this approach and offer quotes to countless customers each and every day.

Each year we reject hundreds of franchising applicants who fail to meet our rigorous standards. This extreme selectiveness means that each one of our collaborators is vetted for suitability, and we know that they are capable of delivering our level of service to whomever they serve.

Our approach is uniform, and you’ll find that all of our professionals are punctual, reliable and capable of producing quality work. We have a wide range of positive recommendations and customer reviews so if you like you can see the results that we are capable of achieving.

The company was founded in 1982, and since then the approach has flourished. By now it is incredibly rigid and every part of the process has been ironed out. This means that our team members can work effectively and their approach – and the results they achieve – are predicate and uniform.

This means that whether it’s property conveyancing Sydney businesses need or any other related services, you have the peace of mind that the professionals you have decided to work with can take care of your job without problems and worries.

If you are in need of our Sydney conveyancing services, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. You can contact us using your preferred method and we can get the ball rolling right away.

Jim’s Property Conveyancing services the whole of Australia. Whether you’re in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne, there’s a Jim’s Conveyancer near you.

What Is Different About Conveyancing In Sydney And New South Wales?

When approaching a property conveyancing expert in Sydney, there are a few things to keep in mind. In NSW, conveyancing services may be done by licensed conveyancers or law firms. Many people are unaware that conveyancing processes are different from state to state, in NSW common questions about the conveyancing process are who prepares the contract for sale of land and what should it contain? When does the contract become unconditional? I.e. when is the purchaser locked in?

In NSW the contract for sale of land is prepared by the vendor’s Solicitor Geelong or conveyancer, when this is finalised it is sent to the real estate agent for the purpose of marketing the property. For it to be a valid contract it must contain specific documents known as ‘prescribed documents’. These documents contain information to assist the potential purchaser in assessing the suitability of the property for their purchase.

A five-business day cooling off period applies in majority of purchases in NSW. The purpose of the cooling off period is for the purchaser to meet with their legal representative to obtain advice on the contract, carry out their property enquires such as obtaining pest and building reports, and to obtain their formal loan approval.

After the purchaser meets with legal adviser, carries out property inspection and receive formal loan approval during the cooling off period, they are required to pay the balance of the 10% deposit to the real estate agent by 5pm on the last day of the cooling off period. Once the cooling off period expires, the contract becomes ‘unconditional’ and are legally binding on both the purchaser and the vendor.

In the event the purchaser does not want to proceed with the purchase as a result of their enquiries or unable to obtain formal loan approval during the cooling off period, the purchaser is entitled to rescind the contract before the expiration of the cooling off period, however the purchaser must forfeit 0.25% deposit paid to the vendor.

We provide an extensive range of property and legal services including:

  • Buying Property
  • Selling Property
  • Commercial Sales And Purchases
  • Transfer Property Between Family Members
  • Off The Plan Sales
  • Contract Review
  • Pre-Purchase Advice
  • Wills
  • Subdivision Lodgements
  • Preparation Of Contract

No person can boast that they are an expert in all industries and have absolute knowledge that will ensure they gain an advantage no matter what kind of deal they hope to close. When it comes to the acquisition or sale of property, there are far too many details to leave to chance and so it makes sense to seek out the best conveyancing services in Sydney.

The best does not necessarily mean finding a law firm that attaches a hefty price tag, however. Thinking in terms of how conveyancers became part of an organisation is worthwhile. That’s the difference that we offer here at Jim’s Conveyancing. We don’t just take anyone on-board. Instead, we like to do the legwork for our prospective customers by adopting a rigorous approach to our hiring. As such, you will only find registered lawyers and licensed conveyancers within our ranks that have a demonstrable track record that offers exceptional professionalism combined with our renowned value for money approach to business.

There are few companies that are willing to claim a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but that should be an indicator to you of how serious we are about carrying out your property conveyancing needs in Sydney. We understand that it’s a highly competitive market, but we are absolutely confident of the fact that we can make your decision-making process easier and guide you through the process with the kind of care and experience that anybody would be glad to have.

You are most likely already getting a sense of just how legally technical this area is and so with a professional conveyancer handling your Sydney sale or acquisition; you can gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing all provisions, restrictions, limitations and requirements that are outstanding will be highlighted and addressed appropriately.

At Jim’s Conveyancing, we like to be thorough in everything that we do and so you can depend that our professionals will carry out extensive searches, which are necessary in order to determine any issues to do with past owners, the property itself or even with pests or boundary concerns. It saves you from acquiring something that will cost you more down the line.

Our conveyance specialists know the market that they are dealing with and have established relationships and knowledge about the other players that will likely be involved in the process, such as estate agents. As conveyancing solicitors operating in Sydney, we can represent you in such conversations and ensure that drawn-out negotiations are negated and a more direct approach to getting the job done results.

Best of all, while the financing side of things will be looked after, the most important part of the equation is that you are happy with the final contracts before you sign them. A professional can bulletproof you against any nasty surprises and deliver a stress-free solution to what might otherwise be a challenging and confusing time.

So, those that are in need of conveyancing services in Sydney are encouraged to get in touch with the team here at Jim’s Conveyancing today. We are happy to provide you with a free quote, regardless of whether you are a residential or commercial customer and promise nothing short of high-quality, professional solutions that you can trust in.