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With Jim’s Conveyancing all work is carried out with the highest degree of expertise and professionalism by our licensed conveyancers and lawyers.

We’re dedicated to property law services and our local Sydney Conveyancing will make sure you are well informed throughout the whole conveyancing process.

With our Jim’s name and stringent systems you can be sure you are receiving the best service from our conveyancers at every step of the way.


We will have expertise in conveyancing in Sydney and metropolitan areas as well as property law experts in small regional areas and coastal towns. Our services is impending throughout Sydney & New South Wales.

When ready our lawyers and licensed conveyancers will ensure you are given the best advice whether you are in Lavender Bay, Kirribilli, Casuarina, Millers Point, Balmain East, Birchgrove, Bondi, Woolloomooloo or anywhere in NSW for that matter.
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Property Conveyancing Solicitors & Services Sydney

Sydney is the largest city in Australia, and this fact is reflected in the large volume of commercial and residential transactions that are carried out there each year.

Houses are bought and sold; titles are transferred, leases and signed and businesses switch hands. All of this activity is backed by a large volume of complex legal work that has to be carried out by a licensed and professional conveyancer.

Conveyancing Services Sydney Residents Can Trust In

With the right conveyancer, Sydney residents and business owners can rest assured that their project is going to be handled effectively and no potentially problematic legal issues will arise in the future which could spell economic and personal ruin.

This is no small task. It’s worth investing in the best conveyancing solicitors Sydney can offer so that you can conclude your transaction with confidence. In short, you want to work with Jim’s Conveyancing.

A Viable Alternative to Expensive Conveyancing Options in Sydney

Whichever important legal process you want to conduct, it’s most probably going to involve a lot of stress. These are landmark events in a person’s life, so it’s important that they are executed effectively and immaculately by a professional who has the appropriate level of experience.

We believe that these services shouldn’t add more stress to this situation, and certainly shouldn’t break the bank at a time when most people are going to want to maximise profits or investments.

You’ll find that our services come at a reasonable cost without sacrificing at all on the quality of the work that is conducted. We pride ourselves on this approach and offer quotes to countless customers each and every day.

Reliable and Professional Conveyancing Franchisees

Each year we reject hundreds of franchising applicants who fail to meet our rigorous standards. This extreme selectiveness means that each one of our collaborators is vetted for suitability, and we know that they are capable of delivering our level of service to whomever they serve.

Our approach is uniform, and you’ll find that all of our professionals are punctual, reliable and capable of producing quality work. We have a wide range of positive recommendations and customer reviews so if you like you can see the results that we are capable of achieving.

An Approach Formed by Years of Experience in Sydney

The company was founded in 1982, and since then the approach has flourished. By now it is incredibly rigid and every part of the process has been ironed out. This means that our team members can work effectively and their approach – and the results they achieve – are predicate and uniform.

This means that whether it’s property conveyancing Sydney businesses need or any other related services, you have the peace of mind that the professionals you have decided to work with can take care of your job without problems and worries.

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Jim's Property Conveyancing services the whole of Australia. Whether you're in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne, there's a Jim's Conveyancer near you.

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