Customer Service.

We have a passion for customer service and for this, we need the best people. Our selection system rejects hundreds of potential Franchisees per year. We look for people with high standards who take pride in their work.

Our Franchisees decide exactly what services they want to offer, in which areas and on which days. We never give Franchisees work they do not want. So when we page out a lead, we expect it to be followed up promptly. We expect our Franchisees to turn up on time, wearing a full uniform, and to at least satisfy the customer. Ideally, we aim to amaze them with the quality of our service.

Complaints are carefully monitored, and Jim posts his Email address on the public website so that unhappy customers can contact him directly.

Our franchisees are committed to openness and honesty with the quoting of fees.

GST will be expressed clearly so that our clients will know which parts incur GST as an extra charge and which ones do not.

Disbursements are charged fairly.

Any fixed fee quote provided will be honoured unless extra tasks or documents are required or requested by the client, and these will be clearly detailed to the client prior to the costs being incurred.

Jim’s Group Pty Ltd does not collect a percentage of our franchisees’ profits or a fee per client. However our franchisees do pay a fixed fee per month for their franchise rights and may pay a fee for receiving a prospective client’s details through the National Administration Centre.