Five top tips for marketing your conveyancing business that don’t include spending money

Five top tips that don’t include spending money

Looking to increase business for your conveyancing services?

Marketing can take on many shapes and forms. When people think of marketing they think of advertising – a 30 second radio spot, an advertisement in the local paper or a television ad. This article will reference five tips for marketing your conveyancing business that won’t cost a cent and don’t include advertising!

1.    Word of Mouth

The strongest form of marketing is word of mouth. Word of mouth is when someone talks about your brand and recommends your business to their connections – friends, family, work colleagues, neighbourhood butcher etc.

The number one rule when encouraging word of mouth is to provide great service. By providing great service your customer is more likely to spread the word about your business.

2.    Define your target audience

Marketing dollars and more importantly your time can be wasted by not correctly identifying your target audience. You should build a profile for your target audience, which may be multiple profiles. For instance as a conveyancing firm you may not want to target a 17 year old that lives with their parents. However, a 30 year old who lives with their parents and has recently proposed knot could be the ideal audience to market to. It’s important to identify their interests and what makes them tick to better understand how to market to them.

3.    Understand that you’re the brand, so flaunt it!

Yes, you’re the brand and you’re responsible for your business every waking moment. You’re probably thinking… another responsibility? Yes, you’re the jack-of-all-trades… the business owner, moneymaker, accountant, HR manager, decision maker, accountant… the list goes on. You also need to make sure your presentation is impeccable, your manners perfect, you’re friendly, approachable and courteous. Remember when meeting with people, whether they are the owner of a real estate firm or a store assistant you should treat each person the same as you never know when your next client will come from!

4.    Network like crazy

There are many ways to network. In the digital age you might think that the only way to network is to fire up your Internet connection and log into your favourite social platform and hit up a few mates. However, you cannot beat face-to-face contact. There are local council groups, business functions, fundraising activities, and university alumni groups. Always remember that networking is about human connections… never judge someone by their title… an office assistant may be more valuable than a general manager – so always remember your brand!

5.    Social profile

With so many social media platforms where do you begin? With a business, the professional service LinkedIn might be your best starting point. LinkedIn provides a superior networking channel for business. You may want to check your Facebook profile. Is it at least semi-professional? Since potential customers may due their due diligence and research you before doing business with you it’s important to ensure all social accounts are respectable.

You can see by the above list that you can market your business without spending any money. A great rule to live by is to take a step back from the business and consider yourself a customer. What would you like to see? How would you like to be served and treated? How often would you like to be contacted?

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