How to use Feng Shui to sell your property development

How to use Feng Shui to sell your property development

Asian appeal is key to the best way to sell your internationally- marketed property projects to Asian foreign investors. In 2013 Chinese investors invested approximately $7 Billion in Australian real estate (FIRM, CLSA). Part of the success is attributed to Developers investing in appealing to the target demographic through targeted marketing visuals.

So what are the key elements? According to an article by Eagle Vision ‘Feng Shui for Projects or How to Sell Your Projects Overseas’.

The key notes are:

  1. Create an opulent environment. Asian investors buy into luxurious living. This is communicated to Asian investors through gloss finishes of benchtops, cabinetry and timber floors in 3D visuals.
  2.  Asian buyers prefer high- contrast lighting and strong and saturated colours. They like deep blue skies and deep green grass and bright flowers.
  3. Interior styling is mostly kept to monochromatic colours and restrained. Copper, bronze and gold colours is used to accent interiors. Spots of colours come from paintings, table items and the outside environment.
  4. Feng Shui principles is essential to house placement and interiors. For example, beds in bedrooms are placed diagonally from the door and should not be in line with the door.
  5. Scenery should characterise prestige and success. For example, luxurious cars are components added to visuals to create an impression of high class living and future possibilities.

use feng shui to sell property 2

use feng shui to sell property

Source: Eagle Vision Property

To find out more about appealing to foreign investors in the property market space through visuals, read Eagle Vision Property’s full article ‘Feng Shui for Projects or How to Sell Your Projects Overseas’ here

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