Tips for Selling a Property

7 Tips for Selling a Property as Quickly as Possible

If you need to sell your property in a hurry, planning and preparation are crucial to success. By taking the time to plan and prepare and ensuring that you are surrounded by the right professional team to assist you during the early stages of selling your property, you are more likely to be able to achieve a great sales figure and a speedy sale.

Is there a secret to selling your property quickly? There might not be a magical formula to guarantee a swift and successful transaction, but there are a number of strategies that you can put in place to increase the likelihood of a speedy sale. Here are seven tips for selling a property as quickly as possible. You need to contact property conveyancing Brisbane and get expert advice.

If you need to sell your property in a hurry, planning and preparation are crucial to success. By taking the time to plan and prepare and ensuring that you are surrounded by the right professional team to assist you during the early stages of selling your property, you are more likely to be able to achieve a great sales figure and a speedy sale.

#1 Spruce up your property


Before you bring in valuers and real estate agents, ensure your property is presented in the best possible way. While you might not want to put a large amount of money into making extensive repairs and renovations, your home needs to be able to impress buyers if you want them to make a fast offer. Try to see your home through fresh eyes; is there anything you can fix to make your home more presentable? Some things you might consider doing are:

  • Repairing any leaky taps or appliances;
  • Applying a fresh coat of paint;
  • De-cluttering your interior;
  • Fixing any holes or cracks in your plasterboard;
  • Scrubbing your home from top to bottom;
  • Upgrading any old or outdated curtains; and
  • Having the carpets steam cleaned.

You could even consider having your home staged with brand new rental furniture and professional styling to improve its appeal to buyers.


The exterior of your property is just as important as the inside. Your property’s facade is the first impression that prospective buyers will get, so make sure it appeals to passers-by from the street. You might:

  • Repaint your weatherboards;
  • Weed your garden beds or lay mulch;
  • Plant some inexpensive plants;
  • Remove any old garden furniture;
  • Throw away any garden waste;
  • Mow your lawn;
  • Sweep any paths; and
  • Re-oil your deck.

#2 Meet with several real estate agents

Now that your property is looking its best, it’s time to bring in the real estate agents. It’s a good idea to interview at least three different agents for several reasons.

By interviewing various agents, you’ll get a good idea of how much your property is worth. If your home is listed far above its value, you won’t find a buyer. And while listing it for a low price is likely to help you to get you a fast sale, it’s probably not in your best interests to lose your profit.

Different agents will have different strategies for selling your home, and some may be hesitant to push through a fast sale. No matter what their methods are, you need to find someone who meets your needs and who you feel comfortable working with. By interviewing several candidates and talking with them about what you need, you’re more likely to find an agent who can work within your time-frame.

#3 Have your sale documents complete as soon as possible

Your property can only be listed on the market once you have arranged for a property conveyancer to prepare a contract of sale. So, it stands to reason that having this document ready as soon as possible will ensure a faster sale. It’s crucial that this document is drawn up correctly – any errors found in the sale documents can delay or derail the sale process.

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#4 Always be ready to show the property

If a prospective buyer calls your agent on a Friday afternoon asking to view the house, it needs to be ready to be seen. That means keeping on top of mess and clutter so that you don’t risk either turning them down or letting them view the house in a less than ideal state.

Remember, it only takes one buyer to make a sale, so everyone who comes through the house should see a home that they can imagine as their own. They need to imagine themselves living there – cooking in the kitchen, relaxing in the living room, entertaining in the dining area. Always make sure your home is ready to meet its new owner.

#5 Emphasize unique traits

If your property offers something that others don’t, such as a pool, a library, a magnificent view or direct access to a reserve or public park, emphasize this in your marketing strategy. Talk to your agent about highlighting this difference, so buyers know that your property has something to offer that others don’t.

#6 Invest in the right photography

Your agent will offer you different packages for your marketing campaign. If you are keen to sell quickly, it may be worth investing in a more expensive marketing strategy to highlight your property above others in your area and price range.

When it comes to photography, go all out! Speak to the photographer about aspects of the house you think will appeal to buyers and ensure they take shots of different elements to get the best angle.

Another winning idea to attract buyers is to invest in a video tour of your home and land. Videos give buyers the chance to inspect your property from anywhere in the world, opening your home to interstate or even overseas buyers. It also allows locals to get a good idea about what your home has to offer, enticing them to visit in person. This video will help you show buyers what’s unique about your house, so investing extra money in getting this video made professionally will likely be worth it in the long run.

Don’t forget; most people quickly make impressions of a property based on what they see. You need to make sure that the videos and photos of your house reflect its value and highlight everything that makes your house special.

#7 Create a bidding war

If you need a quick sale, it may be worth considering listing your property at a price that is lower than market value. This strategy can entice buyers to make an offer. Once your agent receives these offers, they can then start negotiating with buyers, who will, by this stage, be aware of any higher bids. If they know a higher offer on the table, they’ll be more likely to place a counteroffer.

It’s worth noting that an auction is not necessarily the best sales method for every home. You don’t want to end up at auction with only one bid, so speak to your agent about whether or not an auction is the right strategy for you.

Selling a home quickly is not a science; it’s a matter of being efficient and prepared. If you are looking to make a fast sale on your home, get in contact with the team at Jim’s Property Conveyancing to have your sale documents drawn up and finalized quickly and efficiently. Click here for more information about Jim’s Property Conveyancing in Melbourne, or here for information about Jim’s Property Conveyancing in Brisbane. Or for expert advice on property conveyancing services in Australia, please contact our friendly and experienced staff on 13 15 46. You need to contact property conveyancing Melbourne and get expert advice.