Supporting the homeless by collecting 50,000 socks

Supporting the homeless by collecting 50,000 socks

Jim’s Conveyancing, Frankston recently became aware of the amazing efforts of a local 9 year old boy in their local community.

Josh has decided he would like to collect enough pairs of socks to donate to the homeless in Victoria, so that each homeless person has two pairs of socks (can you imagine a life without any socks!?).  This would mean collecting 50,000 pairs of socks!

Jims Conveyancing Frankston has decided to support Josh in his endeavours with this haul – 100 pairs of socks!!

Josh is still a long way from his goal, so if you can provide a pair or two of socks (or 100!), please see Josh’s Facebook page “2 Pairs Each”  ( for the mailing address, or contact Jim’s Conveyancing  on  1300 248 217 for more information.

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