Buying A Property.

Whilst for most people buying a property can be very exciting there is also a legal maze which has to be navigated correctly. It’s neither an easy nor a straightforward process and should always be handled by a professional conveyancing expert.

At Jim’s Conveyancing we ensure that you are kept in the loop throughout the entire property conveyancing process and that every precaution is taken to protect you from being unfairly treated or in some cases even defrauded.

When buying a property there are a number of steps to complete and a number of checks and balances to be put in place. These can vary between states and local government areas but the professionals at Jim’s Conveyancing are always here to act in your best interests and keep your property transaction transparent and correct at all times.

Buying a property in Australia
Generally the steps include:
  1. An initial (free) phone consultation with your local Jim’s Conveyancing professional to discuss what you are buying, loans, our fees and our service.
  2. Once you are on board we will create a check-list to ensure that you know exactly what happens next and what you need to do.
  3. Once you have found the property you want to buy you will ask the selling agent to forward the contract of sale to our office for our inspection.
  4. We will advise you if there are any clauses in the contract which may need to be negotiated or deleted.
  5. Depending on the property we will advise if a building and/or pest report and a strata inspection report is required.
  6. We also lodge enquiries with all the relevant public entities to ensure that there are no plans or hidden easements which will affect the property post sale.
  7. At all times we will communicate any concerns we have regarding the property to you.
  8. All of the above happens PRIOR to exchange of contracts.
  9. Once we are satisfied with the bona-fides of the property and you have received written formal approval for your property loan we will arrange for you to pay the deposit and sign the contract of sale.
  10. We will then arrange with the conveyancing representative for the seller to exchange contracts which means we get their signed contract of sale and they get ours.
  11. Following the exchange of contracts you will contact your loan provider to arrange a time to sign your loan documentation.
  12. You will also arrange building insurance for your new home unless it is part of a unit block and covered by the strata insurance.
  13. We will notify you of the settlement date so that you may organise removalists, utilities, mail redirections and so on.
  14. You will also arrange a final inspection of the property prior to settlement to ensure that all is as it should be.
  15. We will do a final check of all the searches to ensure that nothing has changed from the time we checked prior to settlement.
  16. We will liaise with your loan provider to ensure that they are ready for the settlement date.
  17. We will also liaise with the vendor’s conveyancer and your lender to lock in a time and date for settlement.
  18. We will prepare settlement figures and advise your lender details of the loan disbursements required at settlement.
  19. We will attend the settlement on your behalf and ensure that it all goes according to plan.
  20. Once the settlement is complete we arrange for you to pick up the keys to your new property from the real estate agent.
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