We guarantee the fastest delivery of contracts in each state we operate in Australia. Our primary objectives are to ensure there are no delays in you securing your sale and that you get to settlement with the maximum profit.

Each state has different contract requirements. Some require disclosure documents (in Victoria for example they are called a Vendors Statement or Section 32 (s32)), which have to be prepared when you put a property on the market. In other states you may have to have a building inspection done before you can sell.

This is why local, expert advice is so important and is what we are best at!

In all cases there will be a contract prepared which is executed by the purchaser (who makes the offer) and the vendor (seller) who accepts the offer.

Once your contracts are exchanged and the conditions have been met (such as the purchaser’s finance approval or a building inspection) the contract will become ‘unconditional’ and it will be our job to assist you and your bank to settlement on time.

We are the link that binds the process together because it’s our job to coordinate all the parties to settlement (your bank, the purchaser’s solicitor and the real estate agent).

We provide a caring and experienced hand to guide you through the process to ensure you are protected and that your costs are minimised and your income maximised.

We email or post you every document you need to sign with clear, simple to follow instructions. We will even harass you to send them back if you’re preoccupied with all those other tasks that happen when selling your home! It’s our job to follow you up, not the other way round.

We start coordinating settlement early so that we can ensure settlement happens on time, or that you are properly compensated if the purchaser isn’t ready to settle on time.

You may not realise, but you do not even need to attend settlement – we do that for you.

Each step of the way we will tell you what to expect, when to expect it and what you should be doing (for example, you may have to bring the keys to your real estate agent before settlement).

The conveyancing process is so specialised that the even some qualified lawyers and licensed conveyancers may not have the experience to deal with problems as they arise. It always surprises our clients how many variables there are and the scope and massive costs that can be associated with matters when things do go wrong. It can be a gamble choosing a conveyancer, but not with us!

Jim’s Conveyancing has chosen the very best legal and conveyancing support for our franchisees. We are highly experienced and competitive and always put the needs of our clients first. Before you start being charged extras for legal advice and penalty costs, we will have done everything possible to ensure that our experts internally within Jim’s Conveyancing have helped. In short, it is extremely rare for our clients to need to seek legal assistance outside of Jim’s.


  • Vacant Land
  • Houses
  • Units, Flats, Apartments, Townhouses, Strata, Stratum, Company Share, Community And All Other Types Of Titles
  • Carpark Leases And License Agreements
  • Commercial And Industrial
  • Off The Plan And Newly Constructed
  • Small To Large Development Sites (Land And Unit Developments)
  • All Other Title And Property Types In Australia.