Buying Property in Australia.

Many people are unaware of how they even go about ‘buying a property’.

Do I write a letter to the real estate agent with my offer, or do I sign a contract or other formal document? When do I pay the deposit? What is the standard settlement period and is this negotiable? Who do I go to first – my lawyer or conveyancer, real estate agent or mortgage broker?

Unfortunately, systems for buying a property in each state of Australia are different (there are even variations between regions within each state) so it can be a very confusing process.

For example, in Melbourne many people buy at auction, which means the contract is unconditional when the hammer falls, you have to bring the deposit to the auction and you can’t make the contract conditional upon a building inspection.

By contrast, in regional NSW you may negotiate the main terms (such as the price and settlement date) with the real estate agent, but your lawyer and the vendor’s lawyer will likely negotiate the terms and arrange for the exchange (where both parties sign and then exchange) the contract.

This is why local, expert advice is so important, and is what we are best at!

By completing the online form for us to review your contract (even if you don’t yet have a contract) we will call you, answer all your questions (free of charge) and give you some suggestions to make the process as easy as possible for you. Our clients tell us every day, our call was the best one they had, and this makes us proud. We want to share the excitement and take away a bit of the worry associated with buying a home.

We are the link that binds the process together because it’s our job to coordinate all the parties to settlement (your bank, the vendor’s solicitor and the real estate agent).

First home buyers, investors and even developers often require a caring and experienced hand to guide them through the process, to ensure they are protected and that their costs are minimised.

Wherever franchisees are located in Australia they have one thing in common – they will guide you seamlessly to settlement.

We conduct thorough searches of your new property to ensure you are not inheriting the debts of the vendor (seller). We want to make sure that the correct duties are paid to all relevant authorities and that you receive every discount, entitlement and grant available to you.