Sale of Land and Business Public Submissions

The ‘national interest test’ on foreign ownership of agricultural land

The Minister of Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation announced the Consumer Property Law Review on 21 August 2015. The review is examining 4 areas of consumer property legislation: the Sale of Land Act, the Estate Agents Act, Conveyancers Act and the Owners Corporation Act.

The purpose of the review of the four Acts will be to identify improvements that can be made to the legislation, examine the efficiency and effectiveness of the regulatory arrangements as well as to recommend amendments to improve the operation of the legislative arrangements set in place by these Acts (Consumer Affairs Victoria, 2016).

As such stakeholders have been invited to publicly submit their views for consideration. The feedback collected will be used by the government in determining improvements.

Jim’s Conveyancing will be discussing our submission in parts in our blog in the coming weeks together with this we will also provide a general overview of conveyancing terms, topics, issues and tips that our clients and readers may be interested to know.

Public submissions are available to read in full here:

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