Redevelopment casts shadow over Yarra River

Redevelopment casts shadow over Yarra River

As planning controls forever tighten around inner city development, the trade-off of perceived “open space” for approval is a growing trend.

As reported by Sean Carr, Southbank Local News, Melbourne City Councillors are throwing their support behind a CBUS redevelopment of 447 Collins Street. In return for 2000sqm of open space, the proposed development could be allowed to cast a shadow, beyond the standard provisions of the planning scheme, over the north bank of the Yarra River.

Irrespective of a mass cry for more open space in the CBD, does it set a precedent for developers to bend rules?

Southbank Residents Association president Tony Penna would appear to agree…

“This is a contravention of the planning scheme as it currently stands, which is there to protect the south and north banks from overshadowing. There is no compromise.”

“If this council, or even this government, is going to all an exemption to overshadowing of the north bank, it sends a very dangerous message to developers that overshadowing is negotiable.”

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