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Jim’s Conveyancing Geelong offers the following services: residential, commercial, stratum, company share and all types of property transactions, pre-purchase contract and vendor’s section.32 statement advice, guaranteed fast preparation and delivery of vendor’s Section 32 documents, subdivision and consolidation of plan lodgments and off-the-plan sales, transferring proprietors on or off title transfer tenants in common on or off title, assist with refinancing, stamp duty advice, on line stamp duty assessors.

Conveyancing Geelong Residents and Businesses Can Trust

As a port city, Geelong has a lot of movement throughout it. New residents and businesses come and go, which means that each day a variety of interesting transactions take place. Homes and businesses are bought and sold while leases are signed, and titles are transferred.

This flurry of complex activity is made possible by conveyancing services Geelong residents use. The best conveyancers out there treat each job with the attention and respect that it deserves while focusing on offering an impeccable level of service at a reasonable price.

With so much to consider, it can be intimidating to choose the right conveyancer. There are lots of options out there, but you want the very best. This is a decision that needs to be made at a time when you’re making countless other important ones, so it’s a tricky situation.

To help you understand more about us – one of the premier options for conveyancing in Geelong – here is some important information.

The Best Conveyancing Experience in Geelong

Jim’s Conveyancing was founded in 1982 and in the years since our company has flourished due to our hard work and focus on achieving the best possible result on every single one of the projects that we work on.

Our company has grown to include over 4,000 franchisees all across the world which means that our range of conveyance services are available to more people than ever before. On the back of our hard work and winning approach, the number of franchisees is growing by around 200 each year.

Each day our franchisees work to not simply satisfy but rather amaze our customers. Punctuality, professionalism and dedication define our approach, and we’ve become the conveyancer Geelong residents turn to.

Every year we reject hundreds of franchisee applicants. Our high level of diligence when it comes to acquiring new ones helps us to maintain strict control over quality so that every experience that one of our customers has with us is a positive one.

Provisions for Any Conveyancing Service in Geelong

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, transferring a title, signing a lease or acquiring a business our professionals can help you with whatever you need. Unlike other firms and solicitors, our franchisees only work on the projects that they are absolutely qualified for and they won’t adapt their skills to areas they don’t know perfectly.

This means that you get only the best and most appropriate professional for your project. 

Jim’s Property Conveyancing services the whole of Australia. Whether you’re in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne, there’s a Jim’s Conveyancer near you.

Conveyancing in Geelong That Delivers Results

There are plenty of people out there who urge caution when choosing conveyancing specialists in Geelong because they went through the process of securing a new property or completing the sale of one without the backing of a truly experienced professional. Here at Jim’s Conveyancing, we do our utmost to deliver a truly great alternative to the high priced legal firms who are so keen to slap a hefty figure on their services.

We deliver results in a number of different ways, but first and foremost, we get things right from the start by securing franchisees who come with enviable track records, know their market inside out and match our dedication to bringing the best possible services to those that need them in an affordable manner without sacrificing quality.

One of the reasons that our clients are happy to recommend us time and time again to their friends, family and colleagues is because our franchisees are all mobile. Thus, when you need a conveyancer in Geelong, we come to you. It’s a small but simple way to make the process of getting quality advice that little bit easier and fosters a sense of confidence in our dedication to your needs from the get-go.

Importance of Professional Geelong Conveyancing

Naturally, given that you are undertaking to buy or sell property one of your top priorities is ensuring that everything is handled in a professional manner and entirely above board. You definitely want to maximise the return you get on this investment or sale opportunity, but now is not the time to tighten your purse strings.

Saving money by assuming that everything is as it was described and that there are no outstanding issues that will come up after the deal is done is a bad idea. The reality is that if something falls apart in the wake of the deal, it will inevitably cost you even more money to rectify it.

However, choosing on the basis of the price without checking this could result in an outcome that you simply never wanted to face.

A true professional and somebody that understands the market, its key players and how to navigate the legislative and contractual issues that will inevitably arise should handle conveyancing services in Geelong. That’s why we invite those that hope to retain the services of the best in the business to call today to get a free quote and access not only a depth of expertise and experience but rates that will not cripple your finances at this crucial time. 

No Substitute for Conveyancing Experience in Geelong

Past customers have been generous enough to rate us across a number of different platforms and leave testimonials, all of which speak to our unrivalled service and professionalism. We take our business very seriously and look after each client’s conveyancing needs in Geelong as if they were our own.

There is no substitute for experience and so, those that want to retain the services of a team that can meet and satisfy their contractual and conveyancing needs are invited to get in touch now.

Jim’s Conveyancing Geelong provides clients with all of the advice that they need. With ongoing training and development, we can ensure that clients get up to date advice when needed.

Contact details

Address: PO Box 7171, Geelong West VIC 3218


John Velthuys is the franchisee for Jim’s Conveyancer Geelong. John is a focused and proficient Conveyancer and enjoys his profession. John relishes having the ability to assist clients with one of their biggest decisions, that being to purchase or sell a property. John’s experience is vast and varied. It is his success and professionalism that has his clients refer back to him to family and friends.

During his spare time John likes to devote his time with his wife and family enjoying fine food and the occasional nice glass of wine. Both John and his wife are avid Geelong Conveyancer Cats supporters and they make sure they watch as many live games as possible. John also likes to keep up with the news of the day and has a particular interest in politics.

John lives in Geelong West, walking distance from the heart and water front of Geelong. Jim’s Conveyancing Geelong service the Greater Geelong region and the Western area of Victoria, however as a registered conveyancing office Jim’s Conveyancing Geelong service the whole of Victoria.

John chose to become a Jim’s Conveyancing franchisee because of its structure and the vast excellence of the Jim’s brand. John is a firm believer of quality customer and professional service and the Jim’s brand shares this view. Jim’s Group provides a Jim’s Guarantee throughout the Jim’s Conveyancing group distinctive to any other conveyancing organization in Australia.


The Greater Geelong region is a fast developing area with an ever growing requirement for further subdivisions to accommodate the residential growth in the area. The Geelong & Surf Coast Region in a recent study was deemed to be the fastest real estate growing regional areas in Australia.

Geelong region with its close proximity to Melbourne provides young couples with an alternative to Melbourne living, offering more affordable real estate and yet providing all you require with a centrally located Westfield Shopping Centre and all the specialty furniture, hardware and megastores represented throughout the region not to mention restaurants, coffee shops, movie theatres, Geelong Performing Arts Centre, quality primary and secondary schools, Deakin University and three high quality hospitals as well as being very close proximity to the Bellarine Peninsula, Surf Coast region boasting the most famous beaches and wineries throughout the region, while for work or pleasure Melbourne remains only one hour away.

Jim’s Conveyancing Geelong provides conveyancing services in all Melbourne suburbs and towns in Victoria including: Geelong, Geelong West, Hamlyn Heights, Herne Hill, Manifold Heights, Newtown, North Geelong, Rippleside.