First Impressions, and why they matter

First Impressions, and why they matter

It is an old adage we all know; first impressions always count. Going for the first job, going in to convert that client, your first impression should always be your best impression. In a world driven by customer experiences, it is therefore surprising that 78% of law firms fail to leave a positive first impression on prospective clients.

An article, author unknown, was published by the Law Society of New South Wales in October 2015, with some key findings from the research ‘No Second Chance: The Importance of First Impressions’. CXINLAW, specialist in customer experience, and the Australasian Legal Practice Management Association (ALPMA) collaborated on the research over a wide range of legal firms and practices, and incorporating the secret shopper technique.

Having reflected on the results, Carl White, Director of CXINLAW (Australasia), had this to say,

“…It can’t be good when over half of the online enquiries received no response and when 40% of lawyers are conveying a tone of inconvenience when talking to a prospective client. Firms are spending significant money on branding and promotion, but then not delivering the service promised. Most clients do not know about law, but they know about great service”

This article can be found at, or you find a copy of the research at

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