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Conveyancing Werribee

Melanie Matthews

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Fax number: 03 8691 1311
Postal Address: 4/53 Cherry Street, Werribee, 3030.

Specialist Services

Jim’s Conveyancing Werribee services include conveyancing for buying and selling property, pre purchase contract advice, contract negotiations, title transfers between relatives, sale or purchase of a business, preparation of section 32 documents, subdivision lodgments and off-the-plan sales
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A Trusted Source of Conveyancing Services

Conveyance is defined as moving something or someone from one place to another, while conveyancing is the branch of law, or act specifically concerned with the transfer of property. The section of Australian law under which this area falls is called Section 32 of the Sale of Land Act.

Under this Act, a vendor is required by law to provide all pertinent information on the property to the intended purchaser before the contract of sale is signed. Jim’s Conveyancing has been a reliable and trusted source of conveyancing services in Werribee, as well as other areas in Australia for over 25 years.

Our conveyance services are run by qualified, independent franchise holders who are registered lawyers, or licensed conveyancers.

Outstanding Conveyancing Services in Werribee

Buying a property is a complex affair for not only first time home buyers, developers, or investors, but experienced buyers and sellers as well. Having expert help ensures that the process is not just clear, but that it also runs smoothly.

We at Jim’s Conveyance realise how difficult the process is for most people to navigate, even with the government supplied DIY Section 32 kits. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, having our expertise to guide you will result in a successful and worry-free transfer.

For towns and suburbs in Werribee, our conveyancer Melanie Mathews will be happy to avail to you her outstanding conveyancing services. She competently handles all suburbs of Victoria and Melbourne. As a resident of Werribee, she brings not only her technical expertise and the support of Jim’s Conveyancing team to the table but her local knowledge of the ground.

As a franchisee, Melanie enjoys the strong support network that Jim’s Conveyancing affords her. She loves being self-employed which, in addition to the hands-on experience it affords her, gives her the opportunity to schedule her work hours to suit her clients and herself.

What Jim’s Property Conveyancing in Werribee Can Do for You

The conveyance services Melanie brings to you are:

  • Buying and selling of property
  • Sale or purchase of a business
  • Pre-purchase contract advice and contract negotiations
  • Land title transfer between relatives
  • Section 32 documents
  • Sub-division lodgements
  • Off-the-Plan Sales

Contracting Melanie, who is a highly experienced conveyancer at the beginning of a property sale or buying process, will not only guarantee that you are properly guided through each step, but she will also provide caring services to ensure that:

  • You fully understand each step of the process
  • You are aware of your obligations
  • You are protected
  • Your costs are minimised
  • You achieve a successful transfer.

Conveyance Services at Reasonable Rates

Although there are many property auctions to take advantage of in Werribee, most properties are sold privately. Jim’s Conveyancing services are available at reasonable cost for all your conveyancing needs in Melbourne, and Victoria suburbs and regional towns.

Jim’s Conveyancing provides conveyancing services in Werribee, all towns and suburbs in Melbourne and Victoria including:

  • Werribee
  • Werribee South
  • Melton
  • Caroline Springs
  • Sunshine
  • Wyndham Vale
  • Point Cook and Sanctuary Lakes
  • Cocoroc
  • Little River.

Reliable Conveyancer Solutions in Werribee

No matter what side of the property sale or acquisition process you are on, each and every customer will have different criteria that they want to meet. For some, that means finding the most reputable provider of conveyancing in Werribee, whereas, for others, it means securing a professional that offers a low rate that fits within their budget. One thing that all parties can agree on is that what they actually want is a job done competently that delivers the end result that they hope for.

At Jim’s Conveyancing, we endeavour to afford each of our clients with wealth and depth of knowledge and expertise that will stand them in good stead throughout the process and long thereafter. Our professional and friendly approach consistently makes us the go-to team of choice for countless Australians just like you every year.

While cost and reputation are everything, our customers know that in dealing with us they are able to achieve the best of both worlds scenario. We don’t compromise the quality of our efforts in any way by pricing our services in a manner that is affordable to more of those within our area, and our experience should not be overlooked based on this fact alone. We believe in fair pricing for professional service.

Importance of Professional Werribee Conveyancing

>Here at Jim’s Conveyancing, we like to put the minds of our clients at ease as early as possible. Our duty is to serve you and ensure that you receive absolute attention to detail from the get-go. The difference between the services that we provide and what you could expect to find from cheaper providers is in detail.

Nobody wants to waste time going over and back on details that should have been nipped in the bud by their conveyancer, and Werribee customers surely do not want to learn about the risks that applied, such as penalties for failure to make payments on time, after the fact.

A true professional will go through all pertinent details and information with their client before they ever put pen to paper and sign a contract. This sale or acquisition will have an undeniable impact on your life from this point forward and so we want you to know exactly where you stand and what you are agreeing to before you take the decision to close the deal.

There are plenty of rules that apply across different states and so you need the advice of a professional that understands the local market and has a firm knowledge of the prevailing laws and requirements.

For example, in Victoria, a cooling period of three clear business days applies after the written offer is made. Uninformed buyers may not be aware of the fact that the three days apply from the date of the offer, and not from the date on which the vendor accepts that offer. This is just one small thing that trips up many people as a result of poor conveyancing services in Werribee.

Contact the Best Property Conveyancers in Werribee

The criteria that all those engaging in the acquisition or disposal of property need to consider should, therefore, extend to the inherent value that is implied by the track record of a business brand as well as the price that it is offered for.

At Jim’s Conveyancing, we deliver on all fronts and have taken extensive measures to ensure that those that need conveyancing services in Werribee have a tried, tested and trusted professional that is ready to serve their needs and deliver results that exceed expectations.

Please contact Melanie to find out how we can be of service to you. Melanie Matthews, Tel. 131546, fax number: 03 8691 1311, Postal Address: 4/53 Cherry Street, Werribee, 3030. You may also request a quote online.
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Franchisee for Jim’s Property Conveyancing Werribee

Melanie Matthews is the franchisee for Jim’s Conveyancing Werribee. Melanie loves to travel, both internationally and interstate. She enjoys reading and ice skating, and watching her daughter participate in ice skating competitions and netball. Melanie also enjoys volunteering at her daughter’s school and at church. This year Melanie is wanting to become involved with the Make a Wish Foundation.

Melanie lives in the suburb of Werribee but she is based in both Werribee and Melbourne. Melanie enjoys giving her clients pre purchase advice prior to signing to ensure they are best protected and aware of their obligations.

Melanie chose to become a Jim’s Conveyancing franchisee, as she loves property. Melanie wants to offer a quality conveyancing service to members of her local community, to assist them when purchasing or selling a home. Being a franchisee appeals to Melanie as Jim’s Conveyancing have a strong support network, offers the ability to be self-employed, hands on in operating her conveyancing franchise and opportunity to work flexible hours, an advantage for both herself and her busy clients.

Conveyancing in Werribee and other areas of Victoria

Jim’s Conveyancing Werribee mostly service Werribee and its surrounding suburbs but Melanie handles conveyancing for all suburbs of Melbourne and Victoria.

In Werribee most properties are sold by private sale although there are still many auctions.

Jim’s Conveyancing Werribee provides conveyancing services in all towns and suburbs in Melbourne and Victoria including: Werribee, Werribee South, Wyndham Vale, Melton, Caroline Springs, Sunshine, Point Cook and Sanctuary Lakes, Cocoroc and Little River. We also service all regional towns in Victoria.