Parramatta, New South Wales


With Jim’s Conveyancing all work is carried out with the highest degree of expertise and professionalism by our licensed conveyancers and lawyers.

We’re dedicated to property law services and our local Sydney Conveyancing will make sure you are well informed throughout the whole conveyancing process.

With our Jim’s name and stringent systems you can be sure you are receiving the best service from our conveyancers at every step of the way.


We will have expertise in conveyancing in Sydney and metropolitan areas as well as property law experts in small regional areas and coastal towns. Our services is impending throughout Sydney & New South Wales.

When ready our lawyers and licensed conveyancers will ensure you are given the best advice whether you are in Lavender Bay, Kirribilli, Casuarina, Millers Point, Balmain East, Birchgrove, Bondi, Woolloomooloo or anywhere in NSW for that matter.
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Conveyancing Parramatta

Jim’s Property Conveyancing have a local conveyancer who lives and works in Parramatta, providing conveyancing services to our neighbours in the Parramatta area.

If you are thinking of buying or selling a property in Parramatta, you might be concerned about what you need to do in order to complete this transaction. Solicitors, Real Estate Agents, your Bank... so many people to liaise with in order to reach settlement.

Jim’s Property Conveyancing is part of the wider Jim’s Group and backed by their 100% service guarantee.

Why Choose Jim’s?

Jim Penman, the founder and CEO of Jim’s Group, started a part-time gardening business while he completed his PhD in History. In 1982 he took this small gardening business full time and began franchising the operation in 1989. A homegrown, Australian success story that has over 4,000 franchisees in 4 countries and growing at a rate of 200 per year.

The group boasts industry experts in home, garden and personal services ranging from gardening, mowing and stump removal to carpet cleaning, car detailing and pool care. We also have expert franchisees in your local area for bookkeeping, computer services and even dog washing!

Jim’s Group is known for their service guarantee, but they are also experts in their field, trained to at least the industry standard.

Jim’s Property Conveyancing is a group of franchisees that live and service the neighbourhood they live in – they could even be your neighbour! As such, they know the suburb well and can apply that local knowledge to their services.

Jim’s Property Conveyancers are small business owners, seeking to create a good life for their families. They are not beholden to faceless shareholders or owned by hedge fund managers – they work for themselves and their clients, knowing the value that is expected of them, and always seeking to overdeliver.

Our conveyancers are fully qualified to industry standards and are experts in the local nuances of property law. They hold public liability insurance and are police checked as part of Jim’s rigorous screening process to become a franchisee.

Choosing to use Jim’s for your conveyancing needs in Parramatta will ensure that you receive the best possible customer service – guaranteed. And, if you do ever have cause for complaint, Jim himself is available to speak to about it. He is still very active in the Group, providing training and support for franchisees as well as a listening ear to all customers.

What Services Can Jim’s Property Conveyancing in Parramatta help me with?

Property Conveyancing basically means transferring the title of a property from one person to another. This is a broad definition of the term and simplifies what can be quite a complicated process to the uninitiated. Specifically, Jim’s Property Conveyancing can help in the following situations:

  • Buying Property in Australia
  • Selling Property in Australia
  • Title Transfer Between Relatives
  • Sale/Purchase of a Business
  • Subdivision Applications and Lodgements
  • Refinance Settlements
  • Mortgages and Caveats
  • Leases (including transfer of lease, renewal of lease, lease variations etc.)

We work with all kinds of properties, from vacant land to family homes, so if you have a property and the need for a conveyancer, please get in touch with us today!

Jim’s Conveyancing Parramatta provides conveyancing services in all Sydney suburbs and towns in NSW including: Surry Hills, Blacktown and Liverpool .

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