Kangaroo Point, Queensland

Jim’s Conveyancing Queensland is delighted to be offering conveyancing services state wide.

Queensland is Australia’s sunshine state with a vast and unique variety of property on offering. Our expert conveyancing lawyer franchisees are thoroughly trained to look after all types of property transactions from water front mansions with marina berths to regional farm land.

Our Queensland team aim to make the conveyancing process stress free and enjoyable for you. They are conveyancing lawyer experts who are passionate about enhancing your conveyancing experience by providing exceptional customer service.

Jim’s Conveyancing franchisees are all lawyers and go through the most stringent assessment process and are highly trained before becoming a Jim’s Conveyancing franchise owner. Unlike any other law firm, our franchisees have a team of property and legal experts who are able to support our clients to ensure the best possible outcome in every situation. expert when you call us or complete an online form.
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Other conveyancing lawyers will assist you to complete paperwork and attend settlement but we go well beyond that. The process of buying or selling can be incredibly stressful if you don’t have the right team behind you. Our franchisees are typically available after hours and even on weekends to assist you through the process. This means you can reach us when you actually need us!

If you are buying property in Queensland Jim’s Conveyancing offers a pre-purchase contract review. This is a 30 minute telephone conference where we take you through the contract page by page. We identify any issues in the contract and provide you with the necessary tools to be able to negotiate your offer better with the real estate agent. Our pre-purchase contract review is about making you feel comfortable with your legal rights and obligations prior to signing the contract of sale.

To help protect you further we also recommend title insurance. Title Insurance protects you from Unknown Risks. For example those risks which have been disclosed to you by the Seller in the contract or that have come to your attention by a building inspector are not covered by Title Insurance. Those risks, which are Unknown Risks and have not been bought to your attention would be covered by Title Insurance.

Conveyancing Kangaroo Point

When you are looking for a property conveyancer in Kangaroo Point, there is no one better to speak to than the team here at Jim’s Property Conveyancing. We are the people who can help you buy or sell your home using our years of knowledge in this industry, and we know that we can offer property conveyancing to you in Kangaroo Point for the absolute best price without having to compromise on quality. 

If you are new to the property market and have never used a conveyancer before, we understand that it can be confusing to get your head around the process. Here, we are taking you through some of the most important aspects of a conveyancer and how our team can help you. 

What Exactly Is Conveyancing?

Let’s start from the basics of what exactly conveyancing is. A conveyancer is a person who is responsible for all the administrative and legal work that comes along with transferring ownership of a home from one person to another. This is why you should always choose a reputable conveyancer such as ours here at Jim’s Property Conveyancing, as getting this process wrong can have serious consequences and you could lose the home of your dreams! 

Starting The Process

Solicitors are usually the ones who start the process by putting in your offer on a property. If you are lucky enough to have this offer accepted, your solicitor will then start working with the solicitors representing those selling the property to complete the transaction.

This is a process that we would never recommend you try to do yourself as it is not straightforward, and it often requires specialist legal knowledge to complete the transaction.  

How Long Does The Conveyancing Process Last?

The conveyancing process can take as little as a few weeks, but usually, it takes between eight and twelve weeks to complete. If you want to ensure that this process goes as quickly and as smoothly as possible, make sure that you have all of the essential paperwork and documents that you need at the ready such as bank statements as this will help to speed up the process massively and get you selling your home or moving into your new home in record time. 

Learn more about our conveyancing services by contacting our team!

Have Us Help You To Buy Or Sell Your Home

Getting in touch with us to help you buy or sell your home with our conveyancing services in Kangaroo Point is simple and easy enough to do. On our website, you will find a number of different ways in which you can contact us. This can be through our free quote service, you can send us a query via email, or you can call us now to speak to one of our conveyancers and learn more about what we have to offer. Don’t miss out on buying your dream home and contact us now! 

Jim’s Conveyancing Kangaroo Point provides conveyancing services in all Brisbane suburbs and towns in Queensland including: New Farm, Balmoral and Rocklea.

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We offer all types of conveyancing services including:

  • Residential
  • Farming Development
  • Purchasing Land Or Units Off-The-Plan
  • Wills
  • Leases
  • Mortgage Guarantor Advice
  • Commercial
  • Subdivision Lodgments And Property
  • Pre-Purchase Contract Advice
  • Mortgages
  • Business Sales And Purchases