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Conveyancing Frankston

Teresa Ferreira

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Fax number: 03 8692 6554
Postal Address: PO Box 8633, Carrum Downs 3201

Specialist Services

Jim’s Conveyancing Frankston offer a wide range of property services to both owner occupiers and investors.  Jim’s Conveyancing Frankston are proud of their ability to offer the highest levels of services to our buyers, whether they are buying their first home or their fifty-first home!   Our sales conveyancing offers the fastest turnaround times on contract of sale and vendor statement documents – guaranteed!  In addition to our buying and selling conveyancing, Jim’s Conveyancing Frankston also offer family transfers, SMSF transfers and specialize in retirement village conveyancing.
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In Need of Property Conyeyancing in Frankston?

If you are looking to buy or sell a property, Jim’s Conveyancing provides first-rate conveyancing services in Frankston. Through our franchisee Teresa Ferreira, we offer you the best in conveyancing services not just in the Frankston area, but in all Melbourne suburbs as well.

The interpretation of the law on buying property in Australia can vary greatly from one region to the other, and having expert advice allows you to correctly adhere to what is required, and is crucial to the success of your negotiation.

Jim’s Conveyancing appoints carefully selected representatives in different areas in Australia as franchisees. When appointed, these experts bring you their technical and professional know-how and experience, combined with local knowledge in property matters. 

You Are in Capable Hands

Conveyancing is a complex affair that even the most qualified lawyers and conveyancers find challenging. The consequences of having the wrong representation can be disastrous.

At Jim’s Conveyancing, we appoint the best registered lawyers and conveyancers carefully selected for their education, qualification and experience.

Our capable conveyancer in Frankston, Teresa Ferreira, will provide you with professional, friendly and fast service to ensure a smooth transfer and lodgement of new ownership title. Being a resident of Carrum Downs in Frankston, she brings her knowledge of, and commitment to the community to bear in handling the various aspects of a transfer negotiation.

We also service towns in Victoria including:

  • Bayside
  • Baxter
  • Bonbeach
  • Carrum
  • Carrum Downs
  • Chelsea,
  • Cities of Casey
  • Cranbourne
  • Kingston
  • Langwarrin
  • Mount Eliza
  • Seaford.

As Jim’s Conveyancing franchisee in Kingston, she is personally committed to helping people into, or out of their homes. Calling her client after successful settlement is particularly rewarding for her. In addition to running her own conveyancing practice, she brings with her the support of Jim’s Conveyancing team when required.

What Our Conveyancing Services Can Do For You in Frankston

Although not a requirement by law, preparation of the Sale of Land Act. Section 32 by a legal entity is recommended due to the complexity of its interpretation. Through our franchisee Teresa Ferreira, owner occupiers and investors in the Kingston and Peninsula areas can benefit from complete legal advice and help with Section 32 requirements.

In addition to buying and selling conveyancing, Jim’s Conveyancing brings you an extensive range of property services including:

  • SMSF Transfers
  • Family Transfers
  • Retirement Village Conveyancing.

We offer fast turn-around for Vendor Statement and Contract of Sale documents.

Knowledgeable and Competent Conveyancing Assistance in Frankston

Buying or selling a property can be a difficult process if not handled properly, and having knowledgeable and competent assistance to guide you, can turn it into a successful and pleasant experience. Take advantage of our expertise.

To contact Theresa, please call 131546, or fax 03 8692 6554, or send her a note on Postal Address: PO Box 8633, Carrum Downs 3201. You may also request a quote online. She is available for consultation on your property transaction and will be happy to work with you to ensure a positive result.

Jim’s Property Conveyancing services the whole of Australia. Whether you’re in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne, there’s a Jim’s Conveyancer near you.

Conveyancing Services for Frankston Residential Customers

The purchase or sale of a home or its transfer is a sensitive matter that must be handled with absolute confidence. We understand the need to see the contract through in a manner that is to our client’s satisfaction, but we also appreciate the emotional investment that the entire process requires. Paperwork, legislation and red tape will try the patience of anyone new to the property market but with the backing of our conveyancing specialist Frankston residents, both current and prospective, will find the kind of support that eliminates the stress and strain.

At Jim’s Conveyancing, we do our utmost to ensure that all legal aspects are considered and appropriately addressed before you put pen to paper. There may be conditions or provisions on the title of the property that could create issues in the future, or there is a distinct possibility that restrictions are already in place that blocks the ability for new owners to change the property as they might intend to.

Our extensive searches are just one of the value-creating benefits that you gain when you choose to work with us. Rest assured, we have considerable experience in this regard and know exactly what to look for so that we can deliver a full and complete overview of the property.

A Straight-Forward Conveyancing Service in Frankston That Delivers Results

There are many things that could pose a problem for your plans, and so knowing up-front where you stand could prove to be the difference between an investment that never achieves its potential, or moving on to find that perfect property that ticks all of the boxes.

A conveyancer in Frankston is essential for those that want to remove all doubt from the equation and gain a clear sense of where expenses will arise. The last thing that you want is to have to pay outrageously inflated additional costs to your conveyancer for answering the phone or creating photocopies of reports.

As such, here at Jim’s Conveyancing, we like to keep things straightforward, strip out all of the fluff, the jargon and price things in a sensible and reasonable manner. Furthermore, our policy toward openness and honesty cannot be understated, and so you will always know where you stand in terms of the fees that are quoted.

In terms of the contracts that are ultimately drawn up, we will make sure that you are absolutely happy with everything that is contained within before you sign on the dotted line. Financing is something that must be carefully considered and with the benefit of a well-versed and experienced conveyancer working by your side, you will secure the product that best fits your needs, both now and in the future.

We’ll Exceed Your Conveyancing Expectations

The 100% satisfaction guarantee that we include as part of our services is something that gives clients confidence in their choice of us when they need conveyancing services in Frankston. Few competitors are willing to offer similar terms or would dare to even suggest that they will deliver on such a major promise. That’s what separates the franchisees here at Jim’s Conveyancing from all others. We take your business very seriously and do our utmost to exceed expectations each and every time.

We are highly qualified and willing to take care of anyone that needs to purchase or sell a property. Best of all, we are mobile and can come to meet you wherever suits you best. That’s the kind of service that is required when you are in the midst of a major sale or investment and you will only find it here at Jim’s Conveyancing.
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Franchisee for Jim’s Property Conveyancing Frankston

Teresa Ferreira is the franchisee for Jim’s Conveyancing Frankston. Teresa is very committed to her business and the community she lives in.   In addition to running her small conveyancing practice, Teresa keeps fit and healthy whilst giving back to the community, this includes involvement in fitness fundraising events like the Larapinta Extreme Walk and Stadium Stomp.  It also includes involvement with her local Roller Derby league – South Seas Roller Derby – Go the Sirens!!

Teresa is local to the Frankston area and lives with her family in Carrum Downs. Jim’s Conveyancing Frankston service the entirety of the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula area, but can and do look after clients Victoria wide.

Teresa chose to be a Jims Conveyancing franchisee because she truly enjoys helping people into (or out of) their homes.  To Teresa the absolute best part of her job is calling someone immediately after their settlement to offer her congratulations.

Conveyancing in Frankston and other areas of Victoria

In the Frankston and Peninsula areas most properties are sold by private tender rather than an auction, but the average days on market is very short, most of the vendors are selling within a matter of weeks.

Jim’s Conveyancing Frankston provides conveyancing services in all Melbourne suburbs and towns in Victoria including: Frankston, Cranbourne, Langwarrin, Seaford, Carrum, Carrum Downs, Mount Eliza, Baxter, Chelsea, Bonbeach, Cities of Casey, Kingston, Bayside.