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At Jim’s Property Conveyancing Bayside services include all things conveyancing. Our expertise cover conveyancing on the sale or purchase of property including residential, commercial, farming, off-the plan, stratum, company share title, Pre- purchase contract advice, contract preparation, subdivision lodgments and off- the- plan sales, wills preparation, mortgages, leases (and all lease documentation), as well as business sales and purchases.

Competent, Complete Conveyancing Services in Wellington Point

Property transfer services in the Bayside area are competently handled by Jim’s Conveyancing team. Our solid reputation built over 25 years, is the reason you should trust us to handle your business. Throughout Australia, we appoint carefully selected franchisees who are well qualified and experienced in conveyance matters.

Why Choose Jim’s Property Conveyancing in Wellington Point?

Our conveyancer in Wellington Point is Jerry Gomez, was selected for his superior technical know-how and experience. Jerry, whose expertise in conveyancing on the sale or purchase of various types of property, mortgages. leases, wills, and pre-purchase contract advice and preparation among other services is second to none.

Additionally, Jerry believes that creating good systems within his practice leads to producing the best values of efficiency, price and results for his clients. He collaborates with other stakeholders in the process to ensure that your transaction is well-handled and seamless.

His pragmatic approach to handling the transaction gives him the ability to creatively tackle any issues that arise in the course of what he considers to be your most important investment.

When Would I Need A Wellington Point Conveyancer?

As soon as you list your property for sale, you would typically require a conveyancer, to allow sufficient time to prepare the Vendor’s Statement, considered the most important document for the sale transaction. Our conveyancer would also prepare the draft Contract of Sale to be considered alongside the Vendor’s Statement.

It is at this point that Section 32 of the Sale of Land Act needs to be correctly filled out by the vendor and submitted to the prospective buyer. There are very strict laws in place that require that this document is submitted to the intended purchaser before the Sale Contract can be finalised.

This is a full disclosure of the state of the property, and any anomalies, liens and details such as zoning, title boundaries, and outgoings are listed. Failure to present this to the intended purchaser for perusal before he/she can make an offer can render the sale invalid.

This is why it is critical to employ the services of competent conveyancers to handle the often complicated disclosure document. Any misrepresentation of any sort either deliberate or otherwise leads to the cancellation of the sale and a penalty to the vendor.

In some cases, under Section 27 of the Sale of Land Act, we can negotiate for you to receive a deposit on your property even before full settlement, should there be no outstanding loans or mortgages.

The Conveyancer Wellington Point Locals Trust

One of the main factors that people look to when it comes to choosing a conveyancer in Wellington Point is their track record. At Jim’s Conveyancing, we believe that it is essential for the franchisees that work under our brand name to display a level of competence, friendliness and professionalism that customers can depend on, no matter where they are in the country.

As such, we seek out only the best and most suitable conveyancers to ensure high-quality service is achieved each and every time, no matter if our clients are buying, selling or engaging in any other transaction that we cater to.

Trust is crucial because you are undertaking to follow through on a major sale or acquisition that will have a huge and lasting impact on your life. As such, the presence of a safe pair of hands that will tend to the details with the utmost care and attention cannot be understated.

We understand that you need to have complete confidence in the legally binding documents that you sign during this process and to afford you peace of mind and a clear path into the future with no surprises to follow, our property conveyancers deliver a level of service that is second to none.

Why Conveyancing is a Cost You Should Always Budget For

Naturally, on learning about our consummate professionalism and dedication to delivering the best service available on the market in terms of conveyancing in Wellington Point, one might assume that our fees and rates are going to be quite costly. However, most clients are surprised by just how affordable we are in comparison to the typically high-priced legal firms that like to add fees for trivial tasks such as photocopying.

This is one of our key differential points and one that makes the process of acquiring or disposing of property that little bit more affordable for so many. We understand that while buying a property or completing the sale of property usually involves a hefty sum of money, or is taking place to gain a financial benefit from the sale when needed, that does not mean that people want to pay excessive fees.

There is no two ways about it, those that choose to dodge the conveyancing process for the sake of saving some money run the risk of incurring considerable costs in the aftermath of signing their contract. Or, they could find that their understanding of the terms of the contract was not quite up to speed, and as such, incur penalties, or find themselves in a situation that may be very difficult to get out of or rectify without further expense.

Therefore, the smart way to approach any property deal is to seek out a professional that knows your area, knows what to look for, how to keep your briefed throughout the process and safeguard you against the prevailing law, rules and regulations that govern the entire process.

Conveyancing that Comes To You Anywhere in Wellington Point

At Jim’s Conveyancing, we endeavour to make the process as simple and straight-forward for our clients as we can. We are ideally placed and the best choice for those seeking conveyancing services in Wellington Point, and the depth of experience and expertise that we can deliver will make all the difference from the start of the process to the day that you finalise the contract with your signature.

It is easy to reach us and since we are mobile, you can choose where you would like to meet. So, don’t hesitate, retain the best in the business today and look forward to a clear path to a bulletproof contract.

Contact Jim’s Property Conveyancing in Wellington Point Today!

Jim’s Conveyancing services, offered through Jerry in Wellington Point, guarantee you competent and efficient handling of your transaction, from negotiation to successful settlement.

If you are looking for conveyancing services in Wellington Point, we invite you to contact Jerry and let him guide you through your process. Our terms are competitive and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Please call Jerry Gomez on Tel. 131546, or drop him a line at PO Box 2366, Wellington Point, QLD 4160. You may also request a quote online. We look forward to your patronage.

Jim’s Property Conveyancing services the whole of Australia. Whether you’re in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne, there’s a Jim’s Conveyancer near you.

Jim’s Conveyancing Bayside provides clients with all of the advice that they need. With ongoing training and development, we can ensure that clients get up to date advice when needed.

Contact details

Address: PO Box 2366, Wellington Point, QLD 4160


Jerry Gomez is the franchise for Jim’s Conveyancing Bayside. Jerry is a Solicitor with over 16 years’ experience. Jerry started his career with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation before moving to commercial legal firms practicing in property and business law.

As the franchisee for Jim’s Conveyancing Bayside, Jerry’s focus is mainly on conveyancing property for both buyers and sellers. Jerry’s goal is to ensure that the entire process from contract to settlement is seamless, stress-free and most importantly without costly errors.

Apart from being an avid football and cricket fan (and player when the opportunity presents), Jerry cycles regularly around Redlands and love to take walks through the various trails and tracks around the bay.

Jerry is also part of several social and business groups and gets involved in their various activities including events by Business Network International, Redlands Chamber of Commerce, Redlands United Soccer Club and Ormiston College Parent’s and Friends Association.

Jerry resides in Ormiston. Ormiston is a bayside suburb of Redland City, Queensland, Australia. It is next to the suburbs of Wellington Point, Birkdale, Thorneside, Alexandra Hills and Capalaba, which are all the suburbs Jerry services.

There are still koalas living in the trees in these parts, and the bird life is fantastic – particularly the world-renowned shorebirds. Ormiston is a sought-after place to live and is affectionately called “The Shire” due to its relaxed country feel. Jerry brings The Shire feel to his work ensuring that each matter is given the special and personal treatment it deserves.

The Jim’s Group has a strong reputation across Australia. It is a reputation built on the good customer service habits instilled in its 3500 franchisees. Competitive pricing, good work systems and a focus on customer satisfaction are pillars of Jim’s brand success. All of this aligns well with Jerry’s belief that good systems help provide the best value to clients both in terms of price, efficiency and results. Jerry as an experienced legal practitioner who has also built a good client base by providing high-level professional services over the years understands how important these principals are for success.


Conveyancing involves several people and authorities. Jerry works with real estate agents, mortgage brokers, the banks and the other-sides’ conveyancers to provide you with a well-managed and pleasant transaction where all your rights and interests are properly considered and protected.

Jerry takes a systematic and as exhaustive an approach as possible in managing what he understands is perhaps your greatest investment.

Jim’s Conveyancing Bayside provides conveyancing services in all towns and suburbs in Brisbane including Capalaba, Ormiston, Wellington Point, Birkdale, Thorneside, Alexandra Hills.