How to choose the right Conveyancing Lawyer Brisbane Queensland

How to choose the right Conveyancing Lawyer Brisbane Queensland

You’ve recently made the biggest investment of your life and now you need to find the right conveyancing lawyer to assist you through the confusing legal process.

If you’re from Brisbane your first instinct is to search Google for “Conveyancing Brisbane”. With so many lawyers to choose from it’s tough to make a decision.

  • Do I choose the first conveyancing law firm that appears on Google?
  • Do I need a lawyer from my local area or close to my new property?
  • Do I choose the lowest?
  • How do I know if they’re any good?

Most inexperienced property buyers and/or sellers underestimate the importance of asking these questions. Choosing a dud conveyancing lawyer is synonymous with a stressful settlement process, paying hefty penalty fees and in some cases even losing your deposit.

I don’t know about you but if I’m going to trust somebody with the biggest investment of my life, they better be good!

Here’s how to choose the right conveyancing lawyer:

Your conveyancing lawyer doesn’t need to be local or close to your new property. So for example you may live in Robina your new property may be in Coomera and your chosen conveyancing lawyer may be in Brisbane or Surfers Paradise. It’s far more important to choose the right conveyancing lawyer based on their excellent reputation for service rather than location. With modern day technology the conveyancing process can be completed from anywhere in Queensland.

Ask family and friends for a recommendation

A great way to find any kind of service is by word of mouth. I’m sure you all know somebody who has recently bought or sold a property. Why not ask that person who they used and how they found the service? To be guided by the people we trust is always a good start.

Hit the online reviews

People love to share their experiences online, the good, bad and the ugly. Look to sites such as WOMO or Google Reviews to see if the conveyancing lawyer you are considering has the peoples vote.

Call and actually speak to someone

It’s simple to get an online quote however nothing beats picking up the phone and having a conversation. You can learn a lot about someone and the service they provide by their phone acumen.

For example if the person you speak with makes you feel comfortable and confident in the service they provide, If they are happy to share information with you about the conveyancing process and if they genuinely take an interest in speaking with you then most likely they’re going to be good.

Use professional fees as a guide

What’s it going to cost me? In my experience good conveyancing lawyers don’t compete on price and nor should you! Beware of conveyancing lawyers that offer lower conveyancing fees. You’ll never hear from them. You won’t be guided through the process. You won’t have an experienced lawyer doing your work but rather an inexperienced law clerk who will end up costing you more in the long run.

Website great or not

Use the website as an indication on whether the conveyancing lawyer behind the website is up to scratch. If the website is poorly designed and difficult to navigate it’s likely to be a reflection on the service you will receive. Professional’s who take pride in their online appearance certainly deserve an extra tick of approval.

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