Bringing Lot Owners to the table

Majority always rules; except that time when the majority did not show up. It is a prevalent issue amongst Owners Corporation managers to achieve a majority vote at annual general and special general meetings. A particular problem if that leaky roof needs to be repaired.

Tom Bacon, principle lawyer of Strata Title lawyers, has shared his “tips and tricks for getting more bums on seats…

–       Announce the meeting date, time and location in as many forums as possible

–       Strongly encourage owners to give proxies to committee members or friends if they cannot attend

–       Schedule meetings for a time when people are most likely to attend

–       Publish an end time to the meeting and stick to it

–       Leave general business items for the end of the meeting

–       Plan a publicise a social event before or after the meeting and include food and drink

–       Give away door prizes or a raffle

–       Arrange for guest speakers such as local MPs, lawyers and architects

–       Acknowledge and thank all of the volunteer work that committee members have made”


The full article can be found here